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Lewes, Delaware

Our Lewes, Delaware “gym-based division” of Aquacare Physical Therapy is located at King Street Row.

In addition to advanced orthopedic and sports physical therapy, this location offers many specialty physical therapy services such as balance and vestibular, dry needling,  women’s health, LSVT BIG Parkinson’s therapy, and golf performance therapy.

If you need aquatic physical therapy, it’s not a far drive! We have a pool located at our Lewes – Route 24 location!

Specialty Therapies

Pelvic Floor Therapy – Available for both men and women including urinary incontinence fecal incontinence, constipation and pelvic pain. Women’s health specialty programs are led by highly trained gynecological physical therapists.

Balance/Vestibular – This location also specializes in American Institute of Balance Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation for those who suffer from multiple forms of dizziness and loss of balance leading to falls.

Lymphedema Management – Our certified lymphedema specialist can help you manage the swelling caused by lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs when there’s an obstruction of the flow in the lymphatic vessels, resulting in swelling in multiple areas such as arms, legs, neck, head and abdominal region. LEARN MORE

It’s best to be aware of potential signs so appropriate action can begin if necessary. Early detection makes treatment more effective.

Other specialty programs include:

Headshot of Jonathan Orlando

Jonathan Orlando, PT, DPT, Clinical Director

Headshot of Evan Eibner from Aquacare

Evan Eibner, PT, DPT

Headshot of Kristen Roark

Kristen Roark, PT, DPT

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Megan Montante, PT, DPT

Headshot of a young adult female in black shirt

Jillian Kemmerlin, OTR/L, CLT

Headshot of Bryan Morgan

Bryan Morgan, PTA

Headshot of Gabriella Giannone

Gabrielle Giannone, PTA

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Ryan Spotts, PTA

a woman with long blonde hair wearing a black shirt

Karen Gregorio, PTA

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Melissa Martinelli MS, OTR/L, CLT

a woman in a pink blazer and black top

Layne Gable, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT

Patient Reviews

Alec was very informative and intuitive to my needs. Office staff was pleasant.

Sonya Tazewell

August 7, 2023

After having multiple back surgeries with continuing pain and physical limitations, I was referred to Aquacare. I have now completed my course of treatment and am PAIN FREE! All the therapists were knowledgeable, patient and caring. I would highly recommend these folks to anyone.

Cheryl Buxton

June 2, 2023

It's almost like having your own personal trainer. I was diagnosed with PD and went to Aquacare for strategies to deal with the issues associated with Parkinson's. As my therapist Robin was very knowledgeable about PD and supportive of me in my journey. Aquacare deserves a five-star rating. And now for the second time I have gone to Aquacare for additional therapy. Again the staff was knowledgeable in treating my needs and easily engaged in conversation. They again deserve a five-star rating. - Bill and Bonnlyn

Bill and Bonnlyn

March 17, 2023

The staff is exceptional and the program for me was very helpful. Robin and Jessica were my therapists, but not my only contacts there. They're all awesome. Thanks again everyone! -Mark C.

Mark C.

March 17, 2023

I came in to have my left arm worked on for lymphedema. The staff exercised my arm thoroughly. In the process, they treated me with kindness, warmth and care as if I was a member of their family. I may not like the cancer that brought me here but their kindness has made a bad situation fun.

Donna Hogan

March 1, 2023

Great therapists who really care about their patients. Wonderful place to have land and sea ((heated pool). Absolutely the best therapy!

Sandra Seidel

January 12, 2023

Aquacare is an excellent physical therapy clinic because the therapists are extremely knowledgeable, capable and caring. I highly recommend them. I have been to Aquacare (Lewes, Rte 24 location) to treat two separate issues (shoulder and back). I would not hesitate to go back if the need should arise. The following gives my overall impression and the details of my two experiences. Beware that some may find this long-winded and too detailed! But given what physical therapy can do when done right it is worth making an informed decision. If you read no further know this, it is not a... Read more

Mark Seibert

January 12, 2023

Very pleasant experience receiving therapy at Aquacare! Therapists are very friendly and professional. Will not hesitate returning in the future if needed and will gladly recommend to those needing their services!

Lisbeth Haas

December 29, 2022

Their expertise is stellar and provides the ability to improve way of life. They listen and help to overcome my disability. I can’t say enough good about them!


November 30, 2022

I have been to Aquacare/Excellens at this location for multiple reasons and have always found the therapists to be outstanding. My goals have been met to the best of their (and my) ability. It is a very careful and caring environment. Throughout the COVID restrictions, attention was paid to the health and safety of the staff and clients. I enjoy being in the company of all of the staff because they are friendly and welcoming. I am in an ongoing session and feel when I have met the current goals, I can always return for a reevaluation or additional treatment... Read more

Jean Woolley

September 19, 2022

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