We Offer Both Gym-Based and Water Therapy To Address the Individual Needs of Our Patients

The goal of our sports medicine physical therapy program is to provide a rapid and safe return to sports and recreational activities for athletes of all ages. Aquacare/Fitness Forum’s mission is to offer superb physical therapy services with an emphasis on hands-on and holistic treatment that may integrate land and aquatic therapy.

a man in a swimming pool with two orange floats

Caring for Athletes On and Off the Field

Whether you are a highly tuned athlete or a weekend warrior, a child at play, or an older adult exercising to stay in shape, we are ready to meet your goals in the clinic and on the field.

Benefits of Sports Medicine Program 

Aquacare has many team members with advanced certifications, training, and years of experience with sports medicine, athletic training, and orthopedic rehabilitation. 

  • More one-on-one time with a physical therapist.
  • Emphasis placed on manual therapy and exercise.
  • Individualized treatment approach.
  • Treatment and education based on current research.
  • Sport-specific exercises.
  • Speedy return to sport or recreational activities.

Injury Prevention

Physical therapy isn’t just for sports injuries! We advocate starting physical therapy for athletes who are looking to improve their athletic performance. We can help you build strength, endurance, balance, and agility to help you reduce the risk of injury! A physical therapist will work with you on sport-specific training to optimize your athletic performance.