Services Offered


a woman standing in tall grass with her hands on her hips

Marissa Reeves, BS, MSOTR/L

a woman wearing a green and white striped sweater

Katelyn Anderman, PTA


a woman in a purple shirt is smiling

Geeta Nath, MS, OTR/L

a woman with blonde hair sitting in front of a wooden wall

Terri Eldenburg, PT

Headshot of Susan Conklin

Susan Conklin, MPT, CLT

Headshot of Ananda Cann

Ananda Cann, DPT

Headshot of a young adult female

Megan Moss, PTA, CLT

Young adult female in a black shirt

Melinda O’Bier, PTA

a woman in scrubs is smiling for the camera

Karen Maize, PTA

Headshot of Brooke Bielecki

Brooke Bielecki, PT, DPT, CLT

Headshot of Ginger Titus from Aquacare

Ginger Titus, PT, DPT, OCS

Headshot of Tori Weems outside

Tori Weems, PTA


a woman with long curly hair wearing a blue top

Kristin Roberts, PT, DPT

Erin Bourke, physical therapist, standing in front of a white wall

Erin Bourke, PT, DPT

Headshot of Evan Eibner from Aquacare

Evan Eibner, PT, DPT

Headshot of a young adult female against a white backround

Julia Schone, Personal Trainer

Headshot of Samantha Longstreet from Aquacare

Samantha Longstreet, PT, DPT

Headshot of Ananda Cann

Ananda Cann, DPT

Headshot of Kayla Bell from Aquacare

Kayla Bell, PTA

Headshot of Alec Crichton

Alec Crichton, PT, DPT, MS

Headshot of Matt Huewe from Aquacare

Matt Huewe, PT, DPT, Clinical Director

Headshot of Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez, PTA

Headshot of Deana Guarnero from Aquacare

Deana Guarnero, PT

Headshot of Abby Huggenberger from Aquacare

Abby Huggenberger, OT