Who We Are


Leading our patients in the pursuit of wellness.


Creating a place where patients and team feel at home.


Aiming to create a company of greatness.


Striving to learn new things every day.


Providing needed services to our communities while
focusing on one-on-one care.

WOW-Factor Delivery Agents

Working to inspire our patients and ourselves each day.

Our Approach

At Aquacare/Fitness Forum, family comes first!  Providing an environment in which our patients feel part of the Aquacare family, we strive to inspire and arm our patients with the tools they need to live life to the fullest! When our patients step into our clinics, they will see the passion of all of our team members, striving to surpass their expectations by delivering a “Wow” factor experience.

a group of women standing next to each other

Our Team

At Aquacare/Fitness Forum we strive to build a culture in which our team is part of a family and provides them with the opportunities to thrive professionally and personally. We are truly invested in the growth and advancement of our clinicians, through countless opportunities for professional growth and clinical education. 

a group of women standing next to each other

Why Aquacare/Fitness Forum

  • Focus On Work/Life Balance.
  • 20% Less Time Spent On Documentation.
  • Focus on Creating A Family Culture.
  • Emphasis On Continuing Education and Specialty Programs.