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Millville, Delaware

Aquacare Gym and Swim Memberships

Aquacare – Millville is now offering memberships for our gym and warm-water pool


Where to Find Aquacare – Millville

Located in the Giant Shopping Center, our Millville location is a beautiful 6,300-square-foot facility with our largest warm-water pool in Delaware! Aquacare Physical Therapy in Millville, Delaware, offers a wide variety of traditional gym-based, aquatic, and specialty therapies, including golf fitness, women’s health, concussion therapy, LSVT for Parkinson’s patients, balance and vestibular therapy, pediatrics, and canine therapy! We are proud to be the only physical therapy company on the Eastern Shore to offer canine physical therapy!

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The goal of pediatric physical therapy is to help children reach their maximum level of independence. At Aquacare, we have the benefit of being able to provide both gym-based and aquatic play-based therapy to help children reach this goal.

In the gym, we use play to help children gain strength, and flexibility, improve coordination, reach motor milestones, and improve independent mobility. We can customize their exercise plan based on the child’s needs and abilities, using equipment such as physio balls, resistance bands, treadmills, and of course, toys!

LSVT BIG Program for Parkinson’s

This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals with Parkinson’s Disease by using large amplitude based exercise for re-education of the sensorimotor system.  LSVT was developed in 1987 using larger movements to recalibrate the brain’s perception of movement size which reduces with Parkinson’s Disease.  LSVT BIG is the only evidenced based treatment protocol for Parkinson’s patients.

  • 16 one hour sessions, 4 days per week for 4 weeks with one on one instruction.  Programs are tailored to each person’s specific needs.  Homework to be completed daily.
  • All exercises are modelled by the therapist with patient then completing with therapist correcting form.
  • BIG walking is completed at each session in various settings to simulate community ambulation.  Focus is on arm swing, increasing endurance and safety.
  • Functional tasks are addressed at each session determined by the patient’s individual need.

As the brain begins to recalibrate the size of movement, the patient is better able to move with more “normal” movements.  Once the program is completed, the patient is provided an ongoing home exercise program.  With diligence, patients see an improvement in quality of movement.

Ongoing studies consistently show the positive effect of exercise on slowing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Golf Therapy

Golf fitness physical therapists work with patients in the areas of performance enhancement. Millville Clinic Director Connor Drislane works with golfers to rehabilitate them after injury while also supporting them to understand their limitations.

Headshot of Connor Drislane from Aquacare

Connor Drislane DPT – Clinical Director

Headshot of Ananda Cann

Ananda Cann, DPT

Headshot of Bryan Ford from Aquacare

Bryan Ford, DPT

Headshot of Krystal Perrone from Aquacare

Krystal Perrone, PT, DPT

Headshot of Lauren Nuttle from Aquacare

Lauren Nuttle, DPT

Headshot of Samantha Longstreet from Aquacare

Samantha Longstreet, PT, DPT

Headshot of Donna Temple

Donna Temple, PT

Headshot of Jennifer O'Hare from Aquacare

Jennifer O’Hare, PT

Headshot of Amanada Davanzo from Aquacare

Amanda Davanzo, PTA

Headshot of Bryan Morgan

Bryan Morgan, PTA

Patient Reviews

The reason I said Thank God is because am so thankful for the precise therapeutic sessions I had with Lauren and Bryan! They both motivated me and made sure I am alright at every exercise I do! They are so special and takes their work into their hearts!

Sherry Duhon

September 1, 2023

Thorough exam. Great explanations. Great personality Conner!

dene klinzing

June 1, 2023

Over my ten sessions in Millville, I worked with three different therapists, and all of them were great. I like that the therapist works with you exclusively during your session. They track your progress and have a planned set of exercises to work on. I made good progress and feel great about my experience. Thank you Aquacare folks. You all are the best.

Bruce A. Jones

March 10, 2023

All the staff are very attentive to the patient he/she is working with. As a patient I always have my therapist's attention. He/she listens to me and my concerns. I have even brought my daughter who has autism here for therapy and the staff were so patient and kind to her. They are all so awesome.

Roxanne Perry

March 3, 2023

So grateful for their diagnosing the causes of my knee pain and carefully tailoring an exercise program. Amazed at how quickly my pain went away and has stayed away.

Marian T

January 2, 2023

I feel so lucky to have Lauren at Aquacare Millville.. she is professional, knowledgeable and profoundly personable. Plus she is bilingual in English and American Sign Language so her services are accessible to the Deaf community.

Barbara Jane White

November 11, 2022

The staff from front to the treatment room was excellent. The treatment from all the therapists who worked with me was the best. Also, very friendly and lots of laughs, well needed at times. Their patience and humanity was awesome. Laughter and kindness are just as good a medicine as the actual physical therapy. Thanks All for everything.❤

Nancy Cropper

October 12, 2022

After being hit by a truck 6 years ago and having a shattered pelvis, I have 6 screws and a plate holding me together. I have had a feeling of a vise in my but i for 6 years, very restrictive and debilitating. After 1, I repeat ONE, evaluation and ONE assessment that the problem was my back and not the screws. It has changed my life. Lauren did 1 thing to my back and the vise thing is GONE. They (Donna, Bryan, Nicki and Lauren) have recommended that a Needling will help release the muscles in my legs that... Read more


September 30, 2022

Lauren, as my therapist, did a fantastic job at lowering my pain from leg neuropathy, thus improving my quality of daily life. Thank you

Diane Bavaria

September 14, 2022

I had just about given up hope on ever being able to live with my neuropathy and back pain until I began therapy at Aquacare. Nicole, Amanda, Bryan and Marisa worked hard to get me started with therapy on land and in the pool. It was Conor who changed my life. He tried a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises until we found several that eliminated my back pain and strengthened my legs giving me hope that I could live with my "new normal". I was able to work and enjoy my life. Although surgery is in my future I... Read more

Sandy Daniels

September 11, 2022

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