Guide To Fitness For All Ages During Corona Stay At Home!

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It is 9:30 am.  On Tuesday.  I think.  I am getting on to my 3rd zoom meeting today, maybe I have had a shower, maybe not?  I decided that I have as my upper half looks very professional and my lower half is in sweatpants.  My three-year-old is pulling at my sleeve as my co-worker highlights the outline of our upcoming project that is due in a week.  This work from home thing is new, kids always home is new, not being able to fit in my therapy exercises or fitness routine…. NOT new.

Take a breath.  You can do this.  Let us not focus on the problem so much as our solution.  It takes a little creativity to see your chores and play time as a unique way of fitting it all in.  What will working out look like now that we are all home?  How can I fit ME into my day?

0-12 months: The Crawlers/snugglers.

Their tummy time is your tummy time.   Throw away your multi-tasking guilt as you relax in child’s pose next to them or mini cobra.  Taking care of yourself and your back helps you take care of them.

Other suggestions:

Elementary Age:

The Creative Ones:

  1. Shoulder /posture problems:
    • Dance: 2nd & 5th position in ballet is a great shoulder work out for fitting in scapular stability.
    • Hula hoop with arms in a “T” position is a great way to work scapular endurance.
    • Tea party “posture”. A great way to engage the body in an upright plane. Try on the British accent just for fun! 
  2. Lower body/Leg tightness
    • Toenail polish: Great for hamstring stretching and hip openers
    • Color (inexpensive and fun); Local representative Amanda Kenney
    • Paint/crafts: Practice your chair squats, lunge and holds when assisting/instructing.
  3. Pelvic Floor

The Physicals:

  1. Shoulder/posture problems:
    • Nerf War:
    • Practice a shoulder blade squeeze with each cocking of the nerf gun during your battle!
    • Target Practices: place targets at varying heights to practice ROM exercises or PNF patterns
    • Go noodle: Roll coaster for shoulder ROM.
  2. Cardiovascular conditioning:
  3. Back/Leg problems
    • Spider-man obstacle course. Make a masking tape crisscross pattern in the hall. Lie on your stomach to video. McKenzie exercises, mini cobra/yoga.
    • Superman/flying superhero: Lying on the floor gently lifting out of the lumbar spine.
    • Dishwasher squats
    • Dryer: side lunges
    • Folding clothes: stand on one foot, chair pose

In this challenging time, it is easy to put yourself on the back burner and accept that there is just no way to fit in your physical therapy exercises or fitness routine.  I encourage you to look through this blog as a way of stimulating your creative side and fitting YOU into your day.  If you need help getting creative and exploring new ways you can fit it in, give Aquacare Physical Therapy a call and let us schedule your consultation!

Lauren Nuttle, DPT

Aquacare Physical Therapy

Millville, DE 19967


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