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    Dedicated To Getting The Injured Worker Back To Work... Back To Living!

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    Aquacare Is The Only Physical Therapy Provider Specializing In Women's Health!

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    Now offering free transportation services in Delaware!

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    Get up! Get Here! Get Better! FREE 30 Minute Physical Therapy Consultations at AquaCare

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    Aquatic Physical Therapy Specialists - Experience the Healing Touch of Water

A Touch of "Hands On" Care!

Aquacare… a physical therapy practice which has provided loving care to many patients in the region over the past 20 years. There are many people in our community who remember the caring touch of physical therapists at Aquacare, who through the years have helped them recover from injuries through hands on treatment, or may remember the warm soothing water of our therapy pools in allowing them to exercise despite their pain. Expanding throughout the years, across the Eastern Shore both in Maryland and Delaware, Aquacare Physical Therapy is pleased to announce they now offer free patient transportation in Delaware!