What is Different About Aquacare/Fitness Forum Injured Program?

Industrial executives are acutely aware of their companies’ rapidly escalating insurance premiums and worker’s compensation costs for employees injured on the job. Because of this, many employers are moving towards preventative health, education, and rehabilitation programs. Aquacare possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide a multifaceted program for an industry that will slow down this costly spiral. Our philosophy of care is based on a sports medicine approach – the importance of early intervention. We provide an aggressive, hands-on education-oriented protocol.

two men in a room with a rack of balls

Aquacare’s Phases of Rehabilitation

Phase 1 – Aquatic Rehabilitation

Aquatics allows for earlier intervention. Injured workers can start moving immediately within days of injury or surgery with little or no risk of reinjury. Aquatics is an aggressive, proactive approach to rehabilitation. Incorporating aquatic therapy into an injured worker’s rehabilitation can improve functional outcomes while limiting the cost of recovery. 

Our focus on land rehabilitation is aggressive and “hands-on”. We do not utilize a passive modality-oriented approach that has shown to be ineffective and inefficient with the workers’ comp population. Our emphasis is on educating the worker to assume responsibility for their injury.

Phase 2 – Land Rehabilitation

Phase 3 – Work Conditioning Program

This intense program develops a daily rehearsed routine that simulates work-related activities, lifting, kneeling, reaching, and specific functional activities that correlate to a patient’s specific work tasks. The length of treatment is 4-8 weeks, 2-6 hours a day. Our objective is the get the patient back to work as soon as possible by reteaching them how to perform their job skills while minimizing their risk of injury.

FCEs are available at our Salisbury location.