What is Different About Aquacare/Fitness Forum Injured Program?

Industrial executives are acutely aware of their companies’ rapidly escalating insurance premiums and worker’s compensation costs for employees injured on the job. Because of this, many employers are moving towards preventative health, education, and rehabilitation programs. Aquacare has years of expertise and knowledge when it comes to worker’s compensation cases and provides a multifaceted program based on a sports medicine approach – the importance of early intervention. We provide an aggressive, hands-on education-oriented protocol.

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Working with Attorneys and Paralegals: Advotates for Injured Workers

Attorneys and paralegals representing injured workers in Delaware strive to ensure their clients receive the full benefits and compensation they are entitled to under state law. Their primary goal is to navigate the complexities of the worker’s compensation system to secure fair and just outcomes for their clients. To achieve this, they seek detailed and accurate documentation of the injury, prompt reporting, and comprehensive medical records. These documents are crucial in building a strong case and proving the extent and impact of the injury on the worker’s ability to perform their job duties.

Legal professionals also prioritize clear communication with their clients. They need injured workers to provide honest, timely, and detailed accounts of the incident and any subsequent medical treatment. This transparency allows attorneys and paralegals to anticipate potential challenges and develop effective strategies to counter any disputes from employers or insurance companies. Clients who actively participate in their cases and follow legal advice can significantly enhance their chances of a successful outcome.

Moreover, attorneys and paralegals value cooperation with healthcare providers. Detailed medical evaluations and consistent treatment plans from trusted medical professionals are essential. These documents serve as critical evidence to support the claim for benefits. Legal representatives also encourage their clients to adhere strictly to medical advice and maintain regular follow-ups. This not only aids in recovery but also strengthens the case by demonstrating the injured worker’s commitment to regaining their health and returning to work.

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Aquacare’s Phases of Rehabilitation

Phase 1 – Aquatic Rehabilitation

Aquatics allows for earlier intervention. Injured workers can start moving immediately within days of injury or surgery with little or no risk of reinjury. Aquatics is an aggressive, proactive approach to rehabilitation. Incorporating aquatic therapy into an injured worker’s rehabilitation can improve functional outcomes while limiting the cost of recovery. 

Our focus on land rehabilitation is aggressive and “hands-on”. We do not utilize a passive modality-oriented approach that has shown to be ineffective and inefficient with the workers’ comp population. Our emphasis is on educating the worker to assume responsibility for their injury.

Phase 2 – Land Rehabilitation

Phase 3 – Work Conditioning Program

This intense program develops a daily rehearsed routine that simulates work-related activities, lifting, kneeling, reaching, and specific functional activities that correlate to a patient’s specific work tasks. The length of treatment is 4-8 weeks, 2-6 hours a day. Our objective is the get the patient back to work as soon as possible by reteaching them how to perform their job skills while minimizing their risk of injury.

FCEs are available at our Salisbury – S Curve location.

Overview of Worker’s Compensation in Delaware and Maryland

  • Delaware’s and Maryland’s worker’s compensation provides financial and medical benefits to employees injured on the job.
  • It covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Employers must carry worker’s compensation insurance or qualify as self-insured.
  • Benefits are available regardless of who was at fault for the injury.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Report the injury to your employer within 90 days to ensure eligibility.
  • File a worker’s compensation claim within two years of the injury date.
  • Choose a healthcare provider approved by the employer’s insurance company.
  • Temporary total disability benefits are paid at two-thirds of the employee’s average weekly wage.
  • Permanent disability benefits vary based on the severity and impact of the injury.

Process for a Newly Injured Worker

  • Report your injury to your supervisor immediately.
  • Seek medical treatment from an approved healthcare provider.
  • Complete and submit the worker’s compensation claim form.
  • Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation and provide necessary documentation.
  • Attend all medical appointments and follow the prescribed treatment plan.

How Physical Therapy Helps

  • Physical therapy aids in pain management and recovery.
  • It improves mobility, strength, and flexibility.
  • Therapists design personalized rehabilitation programs to speed up recovery.
  • Physical therapy reduces the risk of future injuries.
  • It prepares injured workers for a safe return to their job duties.

Benefits of Worker’s Compensation

  • Coverage for medical treatments and hospital visits.
  • Compensation for lost wages during recovery.
  • Vocational rehabilitation services for those unable to return to their previous job.
  • Death benefits to dependents in case of fatal workplace injuries.
  • Legal protection against employer retaliation for filing a claim.

Tips for Navigating Worker’s Compensation

  • Keep detailed records of your injury, treatment, and communications.
  • Follow all medical advice and attend scheduled appointments.
  • Stay informed about your rights and responsibilities under Delaware law.
  • Consult with a worker’s compensation attorney if you encounter issues.
  • Maintain open communication with your employer and the insurance company.

Are you an attorney or paralegal with specific questions about Aquacare’s Injured Worker’s program? Contact Janice Baldwin, Regional Office Manager directly at jbaldwin@aquacarerehab.com and she can walk you through how our program provides quick and accurate results for your clients.