Sleeping Position Recommendations For Pregnancy

pregnant woman sleeping min

Why to start sleeping on your left side at 26 weeks pregnant…..

  • Lying on your back in the last three months of pregnancy (from 26 weeks) presses on major blood vessels which can reduce blood flow to your womb and oxygen supply to your baby.
  • Women are recommended sleep on the left side during pregnancy is to avoid blood vessel compression. Due to the large vein that carries blood back to the heart from the lower body, including the uterus. This vein can be compressed by the uterus when a woman lies on her back. When compression occurs, it slows blood return to the heart, and less blood circulation to the body, including the uterus. Because of the change in blood flow, mama’s can feel nauseous and lightheaded, like someone is choking you or like you are about to pass out.
  • To prevent this compression, weakness, and choking sensation women are recommended to sleep on their left side. The vein is on the right, so leaning left gets the uterus away from the vein.
  • What if I wake up on my back? It’s normal to change position during sleep and many pregnant women wake up on their backs. The important thing is to start every sleep (daytime naps and going to bed at night) lying on your left side and settle back to sleep on your side if you wake up.

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