Canine Therapy- Tips For Paw Protection

Canine therapy tips for paw protection

By Lauren Nuttle DPT

If there’s anything my favorite canine Lexi (my Labradoodle) loves it is snow. Something about the weather event takes her back to puppy time. She smiles and puts her mouth to the ground scooping up as much of the stuff as she can. It’s important to me that she be able to safely continue having fun in the snow.

One of the most important part about winter maintenance for our dogs is their paw/pad area. It can become scratched, roughened, and painful if not taken care of properly. Prevention of injury may include balms, nail care, and use of a towel to dry the pads and in between after walking and/or playing in the snow.

Tips to “winterizing” your dog may include:

1) Booties: a love/hate situation. They do protect your best friend from ice, snow, and de-icers.

2) Balm: Bag balm is a common tissue protector which can aide in reducing cracking, irritation, and pain.

3) Keep a towel by the door: After a short walk (especially in brisk temperatures) maintain a towel by the door to dry their pads/fur.

4) Maintain nails and fur between paws. Lengthy nails contacting ice will cause paw pads to splay and allow for further ice to get between the pads. Fur will also allow accumulation of ice under paws.

5) In most circumstances if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them. Short walks are recommended for lower temps.

Did you know that Salt and De-icing substances can be toxic to your dog?

Safe alternatives to de-icers:
1) Kitty litter
2) Sand
3) Safe Paw (commercial, pet-friendly de-icer)

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