Sexual dysfunction occurs when there is persistent, recurrent difficulty with sexual response, desire, orgasm, or pain. The pelvic floor muscles are intimately involved in sexual function When pelvic floor dysfunction occurs, sexual pleasure does not occur and instead is replaced by pain, frustration, and loss of normal function. The symptoms can create depression, anxiety, frustration, and relationship difficulties.  Fortunately, pelvic floor physical therapists are here to help you!  

You Are Not Alone!

The Facts

  • Half of premenopausal women will experience painful sex after the childbearing years. 
  • Erectile dysfunction occurs in 1/3 to ½ of men under the age of 40 years old. 
  • Erectile dysfunction occurs in 50-75% of men aged 40 -70 years old. 
  • 80% of men have erectile dysfunction/urinary incontinence or difficulty with voiding following a prostatectomy
  • 60% of women in menopause fail to talk to their physician about painful intercourse. 
  • Half of postpartum women still experience painful sex after delivery, but do not discuss with a health care professional.

How Physical Therapy Can Help!

  • Instruction in pelvic floor strengthening/relaxation. 
  • EMG biofeedback to assist with identifying weakness or elevated tone in the pelvic floor. 
  • Manual therapy for restoration of muscle imbalances.   Our pelvic floor therapists use our hands to mobilize muscles, joints, and soft tissue. We work to release tension in the pelvic floor and improve blood flow to the penis, pelvic floor, and vaginal regions.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises- These exercises help to improve overall muscle function and support to the pelvic floor. This can include pelvic floor/hip stretching, Kegels, or core strengthening.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy Over Traditional Medical Treatments.

  • Medicine and surgery tend to rely on drugs and invasive techniques. Pelvic floor therapy offers a safer option by addressing the root cause of sexual dysfunction, rather than just
two women doing yoga on mats in a room