McKenzie Spine Care


There are many causes of back pain with common phrases heard include “sciatica”, a “pinched” nerve, or I  “threw my back out”. Most of these phrases are synonyms for a herniated or “bulging” disc, which can seriously limit your ability to participate in common activities, performing even the simplest tasks, or in some cases even cough.

Making matters worse is that the nerves in our legs originate from our low back. Therefore,  an injury to our back can create pain, tingling, and numbness that can radiate down into your legs and feet.  A  herniated disc is one of many factors that can contribute to pain in our low back; other common ailments include spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolysis. Because there are many reasons for neck/low back pain, treatment can vary widely.   We at Aquacare Physical Therapy utilize an approach called “The McKenzie Method”.

The McKenzie Method, a system of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, is a unique philosophy of active patient involvement that starts immediately at your  Initial Evaluation. The Certified McKenzie Therapist will gather a detailed history and identify distinct pain patterns, which will yield a valid indicator of the potential success of the treatment.  By combining our experience with highly specialized post-professional education we can provide exceptional care throughout your treatment and begin working toward your individual goals immediately.

During your initial evaluation, your Physical Therapist will determine which exercises you will need to manage your symptoms while strengthening your core muscles to improve your posture and relieve back pain. Throughout your treatment, your Physical Therapist will adjust your exercises giving you the ability to correct any future imbalances, improve your core strength and spinal stabilization, improve your posture, and provide you with the tools to prevent future back injuries. Learning these self-treatment techniques is your first step to surpass your goals and become a fitter you.

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