What do Physical Therapists Treat?

What do physical therapist treat

My PT can treat what?!?!

Yes! The rumors are true! Physical therapists are qualified to treat more than just your aches & pains! Here, at Aquacare Rehabilitation, we have many specialized therapists that spend hours to weeks to months to earn certifications in treatment ares that you may have not ever heard of or considered. Sometimes, your dysfunction is difficult to talk about or you think it may be a hopeless cause, but our therapists are specially trained to help you not only get over the discomfort associated with broaching the subject, but to alleviate symptoms, too! Here are some of our less-talked about specialties:

Incontinence: That’s right! Physical therapists can help you reduce or even eliminate your incontinence symptoms. We have several specialized therapists in multiple locations that can help you better manage your bladder and bowel habits to reduce your embarrassment. Incontinence occurs in men and women, young or old, and our therapists are trained in helping you not only feel more confident in your ability to control your goes, but to also alleviate the woes associated with incontinence.

Weight Management: How’re your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Have you taken those initial first steps towards them? Or is that nagging knee or back pain keeping you from hitting the gym after you enjoyed fun and food with family over the holidays? Here, at Aquacare, we have developed a specialized program to help you not only ease your joint pain possibly linked to your heavier weight, but to lose the extra pounds as well. This is especially helpful because most insurance will cover the costs for you to have 1 on 1 meetings with a therapist before or after your therapy sessions to help keep you accountable on your weight management journey and make lifestyle changes to jump start a healthier you!

TMJ: Do you suffer from jaw pain? Does your mouth “lock” or “click” when you open your mouth or chew? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may have a problem with your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. This joint is located in your mouth and when dysfunctional, can be very painful and limiting and can even cause headaches! Lucky for you, we have therapists who are specially trained to help reduce these symptoms & improve your quality of life through soft tissue techniques, education, & exercises.

Dizziness: Being constantly dizzy or having dizziness occur at the same time everyday or when getting up from a certain position every time is not normal. Our trained therapists can help decipher why you are getting dizzy. Some dizziness can be completely alleviated within a single treatment session if it is of a certain type. If your dizziness continues to persist, our therapists can also help re-train your brain to not react as severely, I.E you feeling dizzy, through exercises and drills that will help make your day-to-day life more comfortable & less spinning.

Concussions: Did you know that physical therapy can help with concussion symptoms and healing? Concussions can not only be debilitating, but scary. Our therapists, using similar tactics to treatment of dizziness, can help make symptoms associated with concussions, including headaches, blurry vision, and dizziness reduce so that you can get back to your life quicker!

Return to Work: Were you injured on the job? Are you not yet released to return to work until you are full duty? Do you even know what level of work you can safely perform? If so, Aquacare is the place for you! We can determine what percentage of work duty you can safely & effectively perform as well as develop a comprehensive exercise program to get you back to full duty requirements. We can also teach you how to move, lift, & carry loads so that you lower your risk of re-injury.

Physical therapists are multi-faceted health care professionals that are trained to look at the patient as a whole person versus a single diagnosis. Chances are, we are specialized to help treat that “weird” or “nagging” symptom you have; all you have to do is ask! We offer free-of-charge, 20 minute consultations with any of our physical therapists. Give one of our locations a call to schedule a consultation today!

Jessica Haaf DPT is a physical therapist at our Salisbury, MD location.

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