No Prescription or Referral Needed for Physical Therapy

No perscription needed

What is Direct Access?

The law in the states of Maryland and Delaware allows you to be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physical Therapist without needing a prescription from a doctor.

How Can Direct Access Benefit You?

By coming directly to a Physical Therapist for an evaluation, your treatment can begin right away without wasting time. Physical Therapists are movement specialists, the appropriate initial source for musculoskeletal pain.

Does My Insurance Cover The Cost of Physical Therapy?

The majority of insurance companies will reimburse for direct access treatments. If you are unsure about your insurance, our front desk staff will quickly help you determine what your insurance will cover.

What If I Need Further Diagnostic Testing or Treatment?

If our expert Physical Therapists feel that your condition requires further diagnostic testing or treatment, you will be referred quickly to the appropriate medical professional if it is determined that x-rays, MRIs, or further testing is needed.

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