Gavin Birl’s Story

Gavin at Aquacare with Mark Bogle, PTA

May 02, 2023

Aquacare picks us up when we are down

Family discusses two years of spinal rehabilitation

Mark Bogle, PTA, left, works with Gavin Birl in the Aquacare pool.
In January 2021, Katherine and Damian Birl got the type of call every parent dreads. Their son was in an accident while snowboarding in Pennsylvania, and they needed to go to the hospital.

“Every thought and no thoughts at all go through your brain at the same time,” Katherine said. “It was the longest three-hour car ride, and the whole time I just kept asking my friends to pray for Gavin. I could almost feel the swell of prayer as we were driving.”

Gavin suffered multiple broken ribs and a spinal cord injury. While he was in Pennsylvania, friends in Delaware jumped into action setting up fundraisers, prayer chains and meals. They sent cards, gifts, and most importantly, love from Delaware (and around the world) to Gavin and the Birl family.

Caption: Gavin Birl, left, works with Mark Bogle, PTA, at Aquacare Lewes on Route 24, both in the pool and in the gym.

Via Cape Gazette