Pelvic Floor Therapy for Constipation

What is “Dyssynergic Defecation?” As a pelvic floor therapists, we really understand, just how difficult “pooping” or having a bowel movement can be! It may embarrass people to talk about it, but bowel problems really impact people’s lives. “Pooping” or having a bowel movement is a super basic human activity–so when it’s not working the […]

Written by on January 31, 2023

Strategies For Constipation From Your Pelvic Floor Bowel Specialists

Constipation is a very common, very frustrating problem to have. It is often exacerbated by times of stress, change in routine, or decrease in physical activity, all of which you may be experiencing during the COVID 19 pandemic!  If you find yourself experiencing a change in bowel regularity, have difficulty passing your stools, or have […]

Written by on March 30, 2020

Constipation in Kids

Kids and constipation… it’s more common than you think! Did you know that constipation effects from 1%-30% of children worldwide? An estimated $3.9 billion dollars per year go toward health resources for children who have constipation. Constipation can be an underlying cause of day time and nighttime wetting in children. Functional constipation is constipation that […]

Written by on January 31, 2020