Chronic Pain

Physical Therapy for Bowel Disorders

By Cara Konlian, MSPT, CEO, Aquacare Physical Therapy   Most people are unaware that pelvic floor therapy can help in the management of bowel disorders. Physical therapists can evaluate and treat the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular components of bowel dysfunction in order to improve a patient’s quality of life.  Some bowel disorders proven to improve with […]

Written by on September 28, 2023

Ergonomic Solutions To Help You Work Safely From Home

Despite one’s attempts to maintain good posture, sitting for long periods of time is just not healthy. It is important to move and change positions regularly. The old cliché “motion is lotion” or “rest is rust” is very true. Many people started working from home during the pandemic and may still be working at home. […]

Written by on March 30, 2022

Suffering from Cervicogenic Headaches? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Suffering from Chronic or Recurrent Headaches? Physical Therapy can Help! What Are Chronic and Recurrent Headaches? Chronic or recurrent headaches can affect our ability to concentrate, sleep, be in a good mood, work, and enjoy recreational or social activities. Chronic headaches are ones that last for 3 months or more. Recurrent headaches are ones that […]

Written by on July 31, 2019

Physical Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

Help My Feet Feel On Fire! Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms Many people suffer from lower extremity pain, numbness and tingling that can cause people to lose sleep and exercise less. There are many reasons that this can occur. One of the main reasons is peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic nerve pain that is caused by nerves damaged by diabetes. […]

Written by on January 22, 2019