Annual Physical Therapy Check Ups From Your Pelvic Floor Therapist

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Schedule An Annual Physical Therapy Check Ups With Your Pelvic Physical Therapist

Have you thought about scheduling a physical therapy check up with your pelvic floor therapist? As we welcome the new year, our thoughts often turn to our health and wellbeing, and ways in which we hope to improve during the year ahead. Routine health check ups with your primary care physician and dentist are usually scheduled as important parts of preventative wellness, but other aspects of your health can frequently be forgotten. A routine yearly “physical” checkup with your physical therapist is an important part of maintaining your health and wellness. Physical therapists are specialists in the musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This body system is responsible for allowing you to move around in the world and participate in activities that you enjoy, and can sometimes be overlooked leading to pain and injury.

Why Should You Schedule Your Annual Physical Therapy Check Up?

It is particularly important to have a annual physical therapy check up with your physical therapist if you’ve ever had trouble with pelvic pain or incontinence even if you are currently not experiencing symptoms. This annual physical therapy checkup is important for several reasons,
1. At your annual therapy checkup, your pelvic floor therapist can establish your “normal” baseline, so that if in the future you begin to develop problems there will be a record of what’s normal for you and your body to compare.
2. It easier to correct an issue early on, rather than waiting until symptoms worsen before addressing the issue.
3. A regular physical therapy check-up is a great time to review your home exercises and make modifications or progressions if appropriate,
4. Your pelvic floor therapist can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Schedule Your Annual Physical Therapy Check Up Are Recommended For A Variety of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Just to review, physical therapy is helpful for a variety of conditions outside of what is traditionally thought to be treatable by PT. It can help manage:
• Urinary incontinence
• Urinary frequency
• Urinary urgency
• Fecal incontinence
• Constipation
• Pelvic pain
• Abdominal pain
• Endometriosis
• Pregnancy and postpartum
• Before and after any type of pelvic or abdominal surgery
To find out more about pelvic floor therapy at Aquacare Physical Therapy, visit our specialty page.

Happy New Year From Your Pelvic Floor Therapist!

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Written by Genevieve Tatara, DPT – pelvic floor therapist at our Lewes, Delaware location

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