Thank You AquaCare

I am an 84 year old male and have had four surgeries on my knees and three surgeries on my shoulders, so I have had many experiences with physical therapy. Going to AquaCare, in Millsboro for physical therapy is by far the best therapy I have ever had. I always got a phone call the day before, to remind me of my appointment. When I would arrive for my appointment, Monica, who was at her desk, would always give me a friendly welcome. All of the AquaCare employees were very friendly. The two Therapists that were assigned to me, were Megan and Barb. They treated me like family, and not like I was a nobody that they had to spend time with. Unlike some of the other Physical Therapy businesses I had gone to, they stayed right there with me and watched me. Frequently they corrected my position so that I could get the full benefit of the exercise I was doing. They made certain that I held some positions for the correct amount of time. As I was doing an exercise, Megan and Barb would often explain to me why each exercise was necessary for me, and which body part or muscle the exercise was helping. From previous years, I cannot remember any one Therapist that was as attentive and helpful as Megan and Barb were. My wife was having some difficulties, and her doctor suggested that she should go somewhere for physical therapy. I strongly recommended that she go to AquaCare. After several weeks of therapy, she agreed with me that AquaCare was the best. After completing my therapy at other Physical Therapy centers, I often felt disappointed and felt that if the therapist would have been more attentive I would have had better results. This is not the case with going to AquaCare in Millsboro, and having Megan and Barb attending to me. Having finished my physical therapy with Megan and Barb, I will truly miss them and the excellent service they provided.