Great Teamwork = + results

TV commercials gave me the idea to try Aquacare as I had been two different times with another agency with no credible improvement. Amanda did great evaluations. The treatment planning proved how well she understood me and my needs. She provided good planning and recommendations for steps to improve, maintain and possibly advance future progress moving forward. Ryan explained, educated, observed and corrected positioning as needed. He was great at noticing facial expressions which indicated pain or soreness. He also reinforced good form. Khila is so thorough and helpful in all aspects of this facility. She’s probably the glue that keeps this facility running smooth. Hannah is always helpful and keeps a positive, realistic view. She’s supportive of the whole team. She indeed is a valuable teammate. I was scheduled at the pool during my treatment. This team worked well on land and “Aqua”. I highly recommend this Aquacare to everyone!