Tips for Low Back Pain

Tips for lower back pain

By Nicole Evans DPT , Millville office

On the Eastern Shore snow removal may not be a common occurrence however being ready both physically and mentally for snow removal will set you one step ahead of your neighbors. Body mechanics plays a major role in snow removal for reducing risk of injury. If you do not have correct body mechanics an injury could occur leading to increased pain and decreased mobility.


Ergonomic shovels:

  • Use a smaller shovel for lighter loads to reduce strain on your back


  • Shovel often – it is easier to shovel lighter snow vs allowing snow to pack down
  • Switch hands – this will keep you from over use of one side reducing risk of injury
  • Use your legs – your legs are your power house, it will save your back
  • Keep the shovel close – reduces over reaching via back and arms
  • Do not twist – keep the shovel in front of you or move your feet when clearing out snow
  • Lift near blade with one hand and handle with other hand
  • Avoid bending at the back, use your knees
  • Push rather than lift snow
    pic shovel
  • Warm Up the muscles which will reduce risk of injury
  • Tighter muscles are more prone to injury
  • Walk/march in place
  • Light stretching of HS, low back, quad
    pic stretch

Take breaks:

  • Snow removal is hard and you do not want to overexert yourself
  • Staying hydrated will keep your muscles from cramping up
  • Stand tall every 15 min to stretch out back

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