The Standing Frame Benefits & Physical Therapy

standing frame patient with rob


We are pleased to announce an innovative equipment addition to our specialized neurological gym known as the “Stander” or “Standing Frame”. A Standing Frame is assistive technology that can be used by a client who primarily relies on a wheelchair for mobility.

Our standing frame is used by individuals who are unable to stand independently because of a disability.

To find out more about the Standing Frame – visit this video


  • Allows time for clients to spend in the standing position who may spend most of their time sitting or in bed.
  • A client that can spend time in standing will allow for facilitation of  lower extremity and core muscles strengthening (stomach, buttocks) that they may not typically use when sitting/lying.
  • Bone density is important to prevent breaking and stress fractures. The denser your bones, the stronger they generally are and the less likely they are to fracture or experience osteoporosis. Bone density is improved by weight bearing, particularly in the feet, legs and spine.
  • Standing improves digestion and assists in prevention of constipation and acid reflux, a common complaint for clients that are wheelchair bound.
  • A significant benefit for patients who are unable to stand is the improvement in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image and overall quality of life.


Standing frames are not common in a traditional out-patient physical therapy practice. Aquacare Physical Therapy is proud to offer this level of technology. In order to determine if a standing frame is something that you or someone you know would benefit from a rehabilitation program utilizing the standing farm, an evaluation from a neurological physical therapist is necessary. At

standing frame patient with rob

this evaluation the therapist will assess your diagnosis, physical limitations and your goals in order to determine the proper treatment.

We offer free consultations, the ability to see a physical therapist without a physician referral and appointments Monday-Saturday depending on the needs of our clients. Call us today at 410.548.7600.

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