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5 / 5

Very good job and does things well. Very organized. Thanks you.


5 / 5

As I get older, pain is a more constant companion. Eventually this has led me to Aquacare and I could not be happier. At Aquacare, I was lucky enough to have Dr. Brooke Bielecki as my therapist. Brooke did my pre- and post-evals and she was a delight to work with. Brooke is not your typical DR. she acutally listens to you. After those sessions she works with the patient to come up with a plan. Brooke listens and works with the patient. This is a rarety these days. I would reccommend Aquacare and would not be surprised to hear that it helped.. Don Merktt

Physical Therapy

5 / 5

I had a great experience at Aquacare; they took care of some seriously serious shoulder pain in a month. Everyone there is awesome and very knowledgeable!

Life Restoring

5 / 5

I suffer with serious injuries from the military. My age is a factor in my pain also. The Pros at Aquacare consider all those things into my rehabilitation. I went from sitting in a chair at home to going to the Gym and actually playing golf. Get your life back and let these awesome people restore you to your once active self! Don’t let life just slip by go to Aquacare and get active!

Successful therapy for my Plantar Fasciitis

5 / 5

Great team in a open spacious workout room. Relatively quiet. No loud music to interfere with counting your reps.