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Full of gratitude

5 / 5

The team in Seaford worked hard to identify my particular situation and were diligent to work out a plan to restore me to my former glory. I was particularly impressed with the personal attention and customized treatment. I appreciate all the efforts.

Thank God

5 / 5

The reason I said Thank God is because am so thankful for the precise therapeutic sessions I had with Lauren and Bryan! They both motivated me and made sure I am alright at every exercise I do! They are so special and takes their work into their hearts!

Always feel better

5 / 5

I have been coming to this Aquacare and always feel better.

Aquacare PT review

5 / 5

Vey good people and service. Thanks.

Departing with great regret!

5 / 5

Dear Leigh:
--and I am departing with great regret! I have spent many months with your group, all of whom I have grown to like and appreciate. What a tribe, knowledgeable and efficient, pleasant, fun, firm!, friendlyand wonderfully fit, a model to us all.   I will miss themand you in particular, who sets the tone for the whole enterprise.  I will be remembering your kindness and persuasiveness as I face You Tube's relentless urgings-- not much of a substitute for Leigh Hobson.
With many thanks to one and all.
Nancy Zimmerman