Stay Healthy This Summer and All Year Long

Doughty Tessa

By Tessa Doughty, PTA, Aquacare Salisbury – Milford Street

Summer is a busy time for families with summer camps, travel plans, family visits, and more. It can also be a time of stress for parents who are still working and also trying to spend those precious summer moments with their children.

Stay healthy as a family this summer while avoiding common summer injuries.

Some of the most common summer injuries are:

  • Broken bones
  • Foot injuries from sharp items on the beach or outside activities
  • Head injuries – often from falls or accidental hits (such as jumping on the bed)
  • Strains and sprains (from new activities or playing in new or unfamiliar areas)
  • Bug bites
  • Sunburn

    With summer travel taking your family to new or unfamiliar places, stay alert and warn children of new dangers or concerns.

    For example, if you are on vacation and staying in a home unfamiliar to you, walk through the home and point out potential dangers to your children. This can include ceilings that are lower than at home, uneven steps or pavement, slippery floors or rugs that move, etc.

    When outside, always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. And, it is a good idea to pack bug spray to avoid mosquito bites, which can spread disease.

    Summer is also a great time to focus on your family’s health. With schools out, it could be a good time to catch up on healthcare appointments, including primary care visits, eye appointments, and dental visits. Each of these appointments can help you and your family stay healthier year round.

    It’s well known that preventative annual doctor visits are important for you and your family but did you know that there are several other things you can do throughout your week to improve the health and wellness of your entire family!

    Let’s start at the beginning:

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Our bodies need fuel to provide us with energy throughout our day.
  • Eat meals as a family. This allows you and your family to talk about your day, any stressors and happy moments can be shared together.
  • Movement is essential for our health and wellness. 30-60 minutes or more of activity a day is recommended. And remember, even short bursts of activities throughout the day can add up!
  • Try to include activity and exercise as a family routine: take the dog for a walk, walk before or after dinner, make house chores a family activity, or go for a fun family bike ride.
  • Make time for play. Some great family games are kickball, ball toss, basketball, tag, etc.
  • Limit screen time daily.
  • Take the stairs and not the elevator.
  • Find a parking spot farther from the door to enhance your walking.

    The above provide a few ideas but get creative as a family! The healthier you are, the happier you and your family will remain!

    Tessa Doughty, PTA, is clinical director of Aquacare Salisbury – Milford Street. She has 22 years of experience in physical therapy, ranging from inpatient care, acute care, outpatient orthopedic services, and aquatic therapy. At Aquacare, she specializes in orthopedics, vestibular/balance, and aquatic therapy with individualized programs for each patient. Aquacare is hiring! If you are a PT or PTA, check out our current openings: Learn more about Aquacare’s locations and make an appointment:

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