Work Hardening / Conditioning Program

Injured worker on leg press resizedThe Work Hardening/Conditioning Program is designed to comprehensively rehabilitate the injured worker to a physical level that allows full duty return-to-work. Work Conditioning/ Work Hardening is a program designed to restore an injured workers functional and work capacities through the use of progressive work simulation. Components of this program include exercises and therapeutic modalities that promote strength, physical fitness, endurance, coordination, balance as well as reduce pain.

Our approach provides a solid team effort involving the referring physician, employer, and the insurance representative to return the client to productive employment in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The program consists of:

  • Highly structured, goal oriented, and individualized treatment program designed to promote a complete and cost-effective recovery
  • Real or work-simulated activities to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions
  • Treatment sessions designed to restore an individual’s strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and cardiopulmonary functions in order to return-to-work
  • Three to six hour treatment sessions, five days per week, until the client reaches full duty return-to-work or maximum medical improvement

Weekly communication with all stakeholders to assure client/patient continues to progress to full duty return-to-work.