Breast Cancer Recovery Therapy Program

Breast Cancer Recovery Therapy ProgramThis highly specialized program provides a comprehensive physical therapy regimen that allows women to actively participate in their recovery.

A unique feature of Aquacare’s Breast Cancer Recovery Program is that we can see each client for a pre-surgical assessment in which an evaluation is performed to determine existing fitness levels and arm function. Instructions are given in post-surgical care and the prevention of lymphedema. We then recommend that the client be seen for a post-surgical physical therapy visit 2-3 weeks after surgery. This visit is designed to instruct patients in additional ROM and strengthening exercises. In addition, early intervention allows for screening of patients who may be at risk for lymphedema or ROM restrictions. Furthermore, the therapists at Aquacare understand the importance of addressing the multitude of emotional issues that women face during their recovery process.

Current research has shown that women who receive physical therapy following breast cancer experience a reduction in complications such as lymphedema and demonstrate better-coping strategies.

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