After having had polio at age five and developing post polio syndrome in my 40’s, physical therapy has always been a mainstay in my life. We retired to Lewes six years ago from St. Louis. My neurologist suggested that I be evaluated at Aquacare and develop a routine of water based exercises. Polio is a very complex disease and not taught in either medical school or PT school these days. I have exercised as an open swimmer and frequently as a patient for the past six years. The staff at the Lewes Aquacare have become friends and extended family. Mary Dougherty is, in my opinion, the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She knows my limitations and complex mechanics of gait better than my doctors. My primary care physician defers to Mary when deciding what course of therapy I need. Three months ago I required a very complex total knee replacement–so complex that the orthopedists in Delaware referred me to Rothman Orthopedics in Philadelphia. I was shocked when they sent me home after one day of post-operative care and no in-home physical therapy. However,I was also glad to not have to deal with a different physical therapist who would not have an understanding of my unique situation. I trust Mary implicitly and although it was extremely difficult to venture out of the house on the second day post op, I was confident in the care I would receive. My recovery will take 6-12 months, but I am making enough progress each week to assure me that I will walk unassisted at the end of this journey. Mary, Pam, Megan, and Mark keep me on track physically and mentally. I cannot even think of a way to show enough appreciation. Even after I am recovered I will continue to work out as an open swimmer. I am eternally grateful to this team of health professionals.