I changed to Aquacare day before my surgery. Saw the sign in Millsboro so I checked it out. The minute I saw the pool my mind was made up I was going to rehab here. Best decision I have ever made. MY knees are a “difficult case”. I have a lot of scar tissue. But I have come along way compared to my first knee replacement. Everyone there is professional, caring and can tell they love what they do. They pushed me and gave me encouragement when I would get discouraged. I still do water therapy for weight loss and strengthing for my knees since my discharge. I recommend the pool and land therapy to everyone. I want to take this opportunity to Thank everyone at Millsboro Aquacare for the care I received during my rehab and the advice I still get from them all. Esp Megan for unsnapping my weights each time after swimming. Thank-you everyone.
Forgot to put code, AQ2017. TY Seth, Megan, Chrissy, Paulina, Receptionists and Jill at Millsboro Aquacare. You also help improved my socialization with a very nice group of swimming ladies.