This Place Rocks!

This is my 2nd time using Aquacare for PT from a knee replacement. My first time was 3 years ago and Ashley Christenson was my therapist. She was amazing and got me back to where I wanted to be in record time, so there was no question when I had this knee replaced where I was going! Ashley is amazing – and once again she got me where I needed to be! When I first went to her this time I was very frustrated with my progress and in a lot of pain. Ashley worked with me and continued to encourage me along the way until I reached the point where we both knew I was ready to go on my own. I cannot say enough good about Ashley!! She was always thinking of things to do to get my ROM and straightening where they needed to be. I also worked with Mark Rekos during my last PT round. Mark pushed me and encouraged me to work harder. I was amazed at his knowledge and how he explained everything he had me doing and why it was important. He was always coming up with new ideas which I loved! Kaitlyn Willin was another therapist I worked with at Aquacare several times who was also amazing! I cannot say enough about this place and this team! They actually made Pt fun and I was honestly sad to leave! If I ever need PT in the future – this is where I’m going!