The BEST of the BEST in Millville, DE

After a 40 year career as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in hospital care, I found myself in need of therapy for a frozen shoulder and a painful hip. Referred to PT by Dr. Kane (Lewes, DE). I was concerned about the level of care in the area, but to my surprise and comfort level, the best was right here in Millville. Connor Drislane, Clinical Director, and his team at Aquacare, Millville are world class therapists (not just good, but REALLY good)………I have worked with many GOOD therapists, and can confidently say that this Millville location team is EXCELLENT. A unique process, initially you are evaluated by one experienced therapist. Then, you rotate through the expert team. This allows for many eyes to observe and add to your treatment plan. Each person that worked with me (Connor, Lauren, Nicki, Lindsay, Amanda and Matt) brought a keen eye and unique talent to their roles. Each added and refined my treatment plan and I am now pain free and my shoulder allows for me to jump on my 750 pound Harley Davidson motorcycle again with confidence and strength in my shoulder and hip. I had some trouble with my knee during my therapy period an and they helped me to strengthen and resolve that as well. I have recommended them to many and will continue to do so. My therapy was not in the pool, so please know that these are professionals both in and out of the water. I extend my sincere gratitude to this talented and professional team…..they helped me get my active life back! Connor, keep hiring the best and retaining your premier team. I have worked with many DPT (doctorate prepared physical therapists) and PTA (physical therapy assistants), but none better than this Millville team. If you are looking for high level expertise and a successful outcome, Millville Aquacare is all you need! Millville Aquacare, YOU ROCK!!!!!!