Tale of Two Knee Replacements

Tale of Two Knee Replacements There was a best of times and a worse time. The first knee replacement was done in Easton by a local doctor and the second knee replacement was done in Salisbury by an associate of Peninsula Orthopedic Associates. After the first knee replacement I had home care followed by Physical Therapy (PT) at Aquacare in Easton. Within six weeks I could walk a mile without pain. After the second knee replacement I requested a script for physical therapy and was told by the doctor PT was not recommended. Then I was given instructions to exercise at home. At my second post-surgery visit it was recommended I use a Dynasplint because I still could not bend my knee. The splint was extremely uncomfortable and painful. Eventually I did start PT at Aquacare, and I am making progress with walking and improved balance thanks to the dedicated staff of professional’s at Aquacare. I believe my recovery would have improved much more quickly if I had started PT at Aquacare earlier.