Review of Aqua Fitness Forum

I have been a patient at Aquacare’s Fitness Forum since July 2022. I can’t say enough about the physical therapists, technicians, assistants, and personnel at the front desk. Several physical therapists have treated me both at the pool, and at the clinic, including Karen, Leigh, Vince, and two former physical therapists, Melissa and Michelle. All of them have been knowledgeable, attentive, caring, and outstanding in their field. They are treating me for osteoarthritis of my knee, and my treatment has been successful to the extent there are many days that I have no pain in my right knee. The technicians at the clinic have also assisted in the treatment of my knee and are very knowledgeable of the techniques required in the physical therapy treatment for my recovery. From the moment I walk in the front door of Fitness Forum I am greeted with a warm hello by Suzy and Ariana and have never had to wait more than a minute or two for my appointment. They or Christian also call the day before my appointment to remind me of my upcoming appointment. Access to a swimming pool to have my physica therapy is the reason I chose Fitness Forum. The physical therapists are trained in aquatic science and this type of therapy is in most cases painless. I highly recomtmend Fitness Forum, without hesitation.