Professional Place for Therapy

I wanted to let everyone know of the fantastic care I received at the Milford Aqua care. This is my third go round for different reasons but the first time I have taken the time to leave feedback. 1. Tessa Doughty is a great leader and her dedication to clients and staff is fantastic. The atmosphere in that facility is conducive to recovery and it all starts with her. 2. Rob Gordy is one of the best therapists I have ever encountered. He is always cheerful, friendly and does an excellent job of explaining what he is doing and why. He is the therapist you want to see if you truly want to get better but are not afraid of some pain. (he is not for those people who think PT is a massage). I can’t thank him enough for what he has done to improve my quality of life through better mobility and balance. A+++ 3. Kelly Rogers is a fantastic person to work with during those exercises. She adds humor but also knows how to push a person to do their very best without nagging, or badgering them. She was great to work with and also did an excellent job of making sure that I received and knew how to do my post PT exercise program.