Physical Therapy Salisbury Maryland

I was in a car accident 07/30/19, a day in my memory forever. After a few weeks I was able to start Physical Therapy. My pain level at that time was a 9 or 10. Basically I had very little mobility to the upper half of my body. My body and mind both physically and mentally couldn’t be any worst. I was extremely depressed, my world around me seemed to have disappeared. I was hesitant to even consider P.T. because of my pain. All the therapist I’m seeing are excellent. Truly wish I could recognize the entire staff. Mark, Ashley and Beth, I Thank YOU! Mark you have been my inspiration both physically and mentally as you most likely saved me from a mental breakdown. Yours and others encouragement and care to this day have been amazing! It’s taking me awhile to get down to a 2/3 pain level and I pray to get back to 100%. I highly recommend Aquacare Injury Center on S. Salisbury Blvd. Thank you for all that you do to help others!