Physical Therapy Pinch Nerve Relief

Prior to going to Aquacare, I had physical therapy only one other time for my knee. Now, since I have finished my PT at Aquacare, I will probably go there the next time I need it for anything. All the staff were friendly, and prompt with my appointment times. The most important thing to mention is after a month of therapy, I was ready to contact a surgeon to “fix” my nerve problem. But, after Connor heard my frustration he asked me to give him a try. That day, after trying several things, he figured out the real problem. Shortly after that I was becoming pain free and started working on strengthening my muscle in my neck. I am so thankful I hung in there, as I do not like surgery. Now, it is up to me to maintain what I learned from PT at Aquacare. Connor set me up with exercises to do at home for continued success, and I so appreciate that. I will be going back to see him in a few months as a followup. I would strongly recommend Aquacare, and especially Connor.