Physical Therapy for Herniated Disc

I was hit with sciatica which an MRI showed to be a herniated disc. At first this was debilitating, couldn’t sleep and could barely move due to the pain. My orthopedic surgeon referred me to PT and I chose AquaCare due to positive reports I had heard. After 4 sessions of PT I stopped taking pain meds altogether. Prior to that I was maxing out on Ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock. I started with every other session in the pool, and now have progressed to working all sessions in the gym. After 3 rounds of 10 sessions I am 98 % improved. I cannot say enough about the staff at AquaCare. My evaluations were done by Michelle and Amanda, and I have been treated by Matt, Tessa, Olivia, Kelly, Rob, Carson, Jordan, Evan, Austin, Quincy and Johnson. Each has brought her/his expertise in working with me adding her/his unique coaching skills. Already they have started me on a path to continue stretching and core strengthening which can go on after the PT sessions are complete. This was my first experience with PT, and I can say it exceeded my expectations of what was possible. Thanks AquaCare!