Phenomenal Results

I have been going regularly for physical therapy to Aquacare Excellens Physical Therapy in Lewes for a couple of months and the results to my back and knee have been phenomenal. When I initially began therapy, I was barely able to walk properly and now I am standing, walking much better, have more mobility, and am able to perform my job better, sleep better, and just feel better. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and accommodating, however, I just cannot say enough about Sal (Salvatore Mancino). I am extremely happy with Sal, with his attention to detail, his compassion, and his determination in working toward total mobility. He always explained things in an easy to understand manner and communicated well. I find that the pain and discomfort in my back is so much more manageable now and the overall results I have ultimately gotten from PT went way above and beyond any of my initial expectations.