Pain free at last

For two years I was in pain and discomfort due to a body misalignment of my pelvis and sacrum and a disc herniation with large fragments resting on my siacticac joint. The expertise of the therapists at Aquacare Millville gave me my life back. With the knowledge and confidence of the physical therapists, I had total trust in the program developed for me. I was walking with a cane not able to sit for more than 10 minutes. Lauren and Nikki readjusted, dry needled, and massaged my body to relieve pain while planning a program of building strength, flexibility and balance. I used the therapy pool and land exercises to achieve goals. Before surgery I worked in the warm therapy pool for months in preparation. My recovery was amazing. Recently I was able to walk miles on uneven ground, climb many stairs of medieval castles, and keep up my stamina on a trip to Europe. I am so grateful for this center and the two therapists, Lauren and Nikki, who helped me so. We are all blessed to have them and this center so convenient in the Millville area.