Knee Replacement Preparation

Thank God for the great team at AquaTherapy. Wouldn’t be ready for surgery if it were not for Robyn, Brianna, Mark, Bryan, Jeff, Nate and Sarah. They ALL played critical roles in preparing me for my total knee replacement. So full of knowledge and skills to get me ready. The encouragement and the humor is so helpful. Makes one want to work hard at home between PT appts. to assure you don’t lose your momentum to be your best after all they do for us patients. I feel stronger and ready physically, mentally and emotionally. As I finish my last pre-op PT apptmt today I know both AquaTherapy and I have done our parts to help this be a success. This group is phenomenal. Choose it for you and your success. AND STAY Tuned. I will give an update in a few weeks post op to let you know they are fantastic pre and post op. THANKS TEAM. Love you all. Happy Holidays…… See you in Jan 2022!