Improvements from my diabetic neuropathy

I sincerely want to thank and commend all the staff and therapists at Aquacare Physical Therapy- Fitness Forum of Maryland for the 24-plus sessions of therapy. I received. Thanks to their attention I am now much more comfortable. My chronic balance problems, muscle and back pains, neuropathy, and general lack of mobility are now either resolved or reduced and bearable. The introduction to Anodyne Therapy was great and I have purchased a personal Anodyne for home use for my continued diabetic neuropathy treatment. The therapists and the assistants were always attentive and helpful. They treated me as both a patient and a person.
I am a combat related service connected, medically retired Army veteran. The treatment, concern, and care I received at Fitness Forum was superb and better than any I received in military and Veterans Administration facilities.
Thank you so very, very much!