Great Physical Care

Everyone at Salisbury AquaCare physical therapy at Milford Street is very professional and work together to help their clients get back on their feet. I was glad to hear that Matt was returning back here since I had him as a therapist before. Tessa, and her team go out of their way to make sure you are not over doing it and adjust the therapy as needed. Both Robs that work here are very helpful at answering question I had about my back. I was even able to ask all the therapists their opinion of my situation. It helps to get others opinions to form my own decision of the future for my back. Rob that has been here awhile is very caring and likes to make his clients at ease. He is a very good people person that is able to wear many hats while helping and meeting specific needs of the therapy. Also Jackie who works the front desk is helpful and keeps her composure while multi-tasking and determined to get you the answer. She is very polite and professional. Katie was also very attentive to when I needed to adjust the routine in pool therapy. I recommend them and my family has used them for our therapy needs. You will leave feeling better than you came in when seeking their therapy.