Forever Grateful

I just wanted to thank each of you for such wonderful care for the last 5 months. I stumbled in with the “room spinning” with “fogginess”, and Maureen did her vestibular magic. It was her assessment that set the concussion diagnosis along with the vertigo. I have learned so much from her and I will take her favorite quote into my professional life…. “Treat what you see” and how true that is in the medical arena.

I knew this day would come that my need for treadmill tests and green rubber band exercises and staring at the B on the wall would come to an end. I can’t say that I will miss the chevron pattern poster or the “booty back” squat, but I hope that future patients will bring you a smile. Thank you for being there when I was happy, laughing, sad, confused, and upset and “woozy”. I surely had an emotional journey as well as a physical one and you all were there to guide me through it.

It has been my pleasure interacting with all of you and a special shout to Maureen, Chip, Jessie, Ashlee, Sherry and Jeff with their assistance from checking in to checking out!!!! I will miss the phone call reminders telling me that Vito will do a number no me if I don’t give my cancellation notice….hehehe (that was for Chip who has the best radio voice ever). We go through life and meet people and I can say with 100% certainty, that you guys are THE BEST!!! You will always be my favorite “guinea pigs” for new recipes!!!

Thank you again and I will be forever grateful to you all!!!!