I have been a patient at AQUACARE PT several times and have always been impressed and pleased with everyone there. From the staff at check-in, to the staff that make your appointments, to the many therapists that care for you, they all do a great job at making you feel comfortable and cared for. I have been honored to receive therapy from Tessa, Shannon,Ashley, Katie Fives,Melanie,Katie Oakley, Kristen and Matt. Everyone of them approach their patients needs with professionalism, skill and competency.They are friendly, caring, knowledgeable and are always in tune with their patients health concerns. I have recommended this group many times before and would do it again. I really wish there was a way to continue using the pool for open swim again. As nice as the local pools are the temperature of the water does not feel as therapeutic. Thank you for all the services you offer and for your highly skilled staff!