Excellent Care

I have been at this location off and on for several years. The front office staff, Chrissy & Debbie welcome you with a smile and it isn’t too much trouble if you have questions or need something. The PT staff are just as welcoming. They make you feel like family and not just a patient. I want to praise each one of them because of the kindness they show everyone who comes in. Today I saw the careing for several of the people. I saw Megan helping someone who need assistance in the pool and she was right there in the pool with this person the entire time. I saw Helena patiencely talking to a senior who not only seemed to be hard of hearing but wasn’t in a very pleasant mood. She talked calmly and did things which made him comfortable. Chrissy I have seen many times working with children and how she praised them when they accomplished the task they needed to do. Seth is the one who is always there to help out when needed. Even if you are not a patient and just there to use the gym or pool he always stops and says hello and asks how you are today. As I stated in the beginning, when you are at AquaCare you feel like family not just a number who needs therapy. Thank you Millsboro Crew – you are my family when I need that “special” help in my life.