Does not get any better.

There aren’t any words,truly, to describe just how incredible this group is. I’ve had 3 back surgeries over 12 years,as well as neck problems. I’ve been to at least 5 different physical therapy offices,and the staff and programs at this particular location are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the other companies I have gone to previously. A gentleman named Sal runs this location, and l honestly don’t think they could have a better PT heading this group. I’ve had the pleasure of getting worked on by all of the staff there,and they each bring their own individual spin on things, which culminates into a truly miraculous outcome. Icing on the cake, is how friendly, funny, and understanding the entire staff is. It’s always clean and safe, and they make sure you’re comfortable. I don’t usually leave reviews on places, but this PT office deserves the recognition. They’ve been an integral part of getting my life back.