Can Not Recommend Enough!

I can’t give them enough positives!!!!

2001 – I had a serious leg /ankle injury and because of it, over the years, I have had numerous surgeries, related to this injury. Hence, I have been to MANY PT offices with most being okay and some simply lost sight of the patients.

2018 – I found PT FORUM, Annapolis after having an Ankle Fusion, It was dramatically different from all the rest; Everyone in the office is WONDERFUL!

2022 – This spring I am back after a Hip Replacement.

They listen to you. WOW! They are so professional, proficient and friendly. They will provide manual manipulation when needed (which I found most others not wanting to do). It’s almost like you are visiting friends. I cannot highly recommend them enough.

I have more surgeries coming up and I will be back – again and again!

Yes, the place is small in comparison to some others, but this means nothing when the care you get is EXCEPTIONAL, because they CARE!