Best Rehab. Treatment

The treatment I received from DPT Jimmy Alvarez of Aquacare Physical Therapy-Millsboro during the past three months has resulted in the cure of an illness that has restricted my ability to function in all activities that are appropriate for people of my age. I am 91 years of age and a retiree of the US Army. 55 years ago I developed a physical condition that resulted in a dizziness that occurred periodically resulting in my inability to climb a ladder, walk in a dark room or walk in a straight line. The Army and several cardiologists have tested me with numerous tests to determine the cause of the dizziness. Finally, my current Cardiologist commented that my problem may be my ears and recommended me to Dpt Alveraz. I received a couple hours of treatment from Dpt Alveraz and I have not been dizzy in two months. If I had my way Dpt Alveraz would be DPT of the year and/or entered into the DPT HALL OF FAME, if such a thing exists. I think that MDs and DPTs should communicate with each other more frequently, resulting in more frequently and less costly cure of different ailments.