Best PT office and staff in Lewes Delaware

I was experiencing lower back pain, level 8 out of 10, by my standards. My doctor advised me to get a MRI and X-ray. After getting the results, my future wasn’t looking good in my eyes. Then my doctor recommended PT as an option, prior to considering surgery. This was my first experience requiring PT. My wife and I chose Aquacare in Lewes, DE, for we heard good remarks from our friends and neighbors. My consultation was done by Connor. He gave me a very thorough evaluation and explained in detail my ability to achieve a very positive outcome, through my doing recommended exercises. Connor explained his treatment plan for me was reducing my pain level to 0 or close to it. Thanks to my PT appointments three times weekly and my doing exercises at home on non appointment days, my pain consistently decreased to a O pain level. Thanks to Connor and other therapists at Aquacare, I now have the knowledge and support to enjoy a future, free from lower back pain, without surgical intervention. My wife and I want to thank, Connor, Mark, Jordan, Bradley and all members at Aquacare who helped me return to an active lifestyle and a healthy back. This was a wonderful facility with knowledgeable and caring staff who work together for the patients’ optimal outcome. It’s always great having options such as PT, rather than the need to consider surgery.