Awesome therapists!!

Welcoming atmosphere! Professional caring people! Put me at ease from the first visit. Appointments started on time, when I started therapy on my ankle, I was in a lot of pain and very stiff. Six weeks of no weight bearing along with the screws and hardware I and swelling made for some tough therapy to work through. Rob, Shannon, Eric, Matthew, Carson and anyone else I missed worked hard to bring back my range of motion and lessen my pain. I started out in a wheelchair, then a walker and now walking ( still a little slowly) with no equipment! They know their stuff! But picking up marbles with my toes? Really, worked to stretch out those tendons though! From the office staff to the therapists their spirit and desire to help me heal was amazing. All really love their jobs and you can feel it! Thank you all for taking such good care of me and getting me back on my foot!! I will continue to do my at home exercises! Blessings, grateful for your skill and care!