Aquacare PT King Street Row

I have had a lifetime of back pain, despite decades of treatments, from major surgery to radiofrequency ablations to cortizone shots in my spine . About a year ago, I thought I had found the best treatment for my problem at a new physical therapy program in Rehoboth. At first all went well, but then an intern was allowed to worked repeatedly on my back and did things differntly from her supervising therapist… and unfortunately, harmfully for me. I was left with six new slipped discs, new sciatica and much worse pain then I began with. I was in severe pain, home bound, and very depressed when I tried Aqua Care at Kin Street Row. From the first session with Megan, who took the time to accurately diagnose my problem and devise an effective treatment plan, I knew I was in good hands and began to slowly recover from the danage caused at the other PT site. I was given stretching exercise that correctly addressed my slippled discs. All of the therapists there are attentive, compassionate and know their stuff. It seemed that someone there always had their eyes on me. I was almost never left just to do exercises on my own. After a number of months, I left feeling fully recovered from slipped discs and sciatica, praise the Lord! This place is an answer to prayer. Thanks you to them all, especially Megan, Pam, Gabby and Brad. Also, Katie, Gabby and Pam helped me incredibly with strenteninging my kegel exercises, thus overcoming my nightime bathroom challenges, for which I am grateul every night!